How To Not Get Laid In High School

Write what you know.


This is my blog. It is called How To Not Get Laid In High School. I started it the day I finished my undergrad, so maybe in another four years I’ll start a new blog called How To Get Laid In University.

I came up with this name a while ago and had no idea what to do with it. Name for my memoirs potentially, but that would involve me needing to do something worth compiling–and that might take too long. When I said I finished school today, I really meant it. My  brain is completely burnt out. Future posts will be better, rest assured.

The purpose of this blog is to unravel the intricate anti-mating dance which I performed my entire way through high school, and the experiences that taught me. It will also provide me with a reason to write, since I’m taking a break from academia (note: brain is completely burnt out). So if you like recounts of people’s awkward experiences in high school as well as other people’s opinions about stuff, look no farther.


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